Veto Tool Bags vs. The DECKED D-Bag: Which One’s For Me?


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What makes for good tool kits or perfect tool bags? Isn’t that the question that keeps us all up at night? (It is for us, at least…)


These days, tool bags come with all kinds of gizmos and features that can really spike up a price tag. But at the end of the day, all we really need is an ergonomic, heavy-duty backpack we can take to a job site or on a weekend hike. We need something that gets the job done and makes our lives easier.


So, let’s review two giants in the tool backpack game: DECKED and Veto tool bags.


The original VETO PRO PAC tool bag was designed and created by its current CEO, Roger Brouard. Veto makes a range of tool bags for professional tradesmen and service technicians, with tool-specific organizers in each tradeline (which is really handy if you’re only going to use the bag for that one purpose).


But before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let’s take a look at some of the basics:



VETO Tool Bags



Construction (What’s it made of?)

Industrial-strength, PVC-impregnated 1200-1800 denier nylon thread.

Thermoformed EVA foam coated shell covered with a ballistic 900D TPU coated nylon cloth. Rubberized rip-stop nylon flex panels for reinforcement.



Multiple rows of vertically tiered pockets attached to the patented, integrated, molded, stand-up center panel.

Removable D-Bag tool roll, a zippered compartment, and a removable duffel bag made of the same indestructible material. Horseshoe wide-mouth opening for easy tool visibility.



Rubber grip handles, adjustable padded backpack straps,  padded back panel for extra support.

Aluminum handles for easy grabbing;  padded strap system that can be adjusted to carry as a crossbody, shoulder bag, backpack, or briefcase.


Weather Resistance

1200-1800D waterproof base; zipper and open tops not waterproof.

900D completely weatherproof construction, including the zippers.



Varies from $159 and goes up to $319




Veto Tool Bags vs. DECKED D-Bag: A Closer Look

VETO PRO PAC Pros (Try saying that 3 times fast…)

  • HVAC/R technicians, electricians, plumbers, engineers, carpenters, mechanics, whatever trade you’re in, VETO makes a variety of tool bags designed especially for your specific tool load.
  • VETO bags are pretty customizable; you can add your company logo, sponsors, and identity tags to the bag. You can get it in several colors, too, including camo for the days you’re out hunting.
  • They also ship to the UK and Europe just in case you want to equip your London buddies.


  • Some bags are heavy even before you add your drills and other power tools.
  • These babies ain’t cheap. They can set you back almost 400 bucks for the current range.
  • They can be hard to get. Even their own website regularly has most of them listed as out of stock. So, that’s fine, as long as you’re willing to wait for the new arrivals and jump on them before they’re gone again. And who knows how long that wait is?


  • First of all, get your mind out of the gutter. This obviously stands for DRAWER-Bag 👊
  • The D-Bag can be carried in various ways: worn as a backpack, carried like a briefcase, slung over one shoulder like a boss, or carried flat as needed.
  • Comes with a handy multi-pocket integrated and removable tool roll as well as a tough 900D duffel bag that can be secured inside the D-Bag.
  • A bang for your buck. You’re getting great value for your money with all the D-Bag has to offer.


  • Can’t customize or engrave it (yet).
  • It can be pricey, but still less so than the VETO.
  • It only comes in one style and color. (But we think you’ll love this one just as it is.)

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a more detailed look at those key features of VETO tool bags and the DECKED D-Bag. Here’s what we’re dealing with:

Construction (What’s it made of?)


  • VETO PRO PAC bags are made of industrial-strength PVC-impregnated 1200-1800 denier nylon thread and double stitched. They’re also bar-tacked where necessary for extra strength and durability.


  • TOP AND BOTTOM: Thermoformed EVA foam coated shell covered with a ballistic 900D TPU coated nylon cloth. It also features a reinforced lid with rubberized rip-stop nylon flex panels which won’t rip, tear or snag.
  • SIDE PANELS: Durable 900D TPU coated nylon gives the bag its expand and collapse capabilities.
  • Double reinforced zippers.
  • TLDR: If you get shot and you happen to be hiding in your D-Bag, you’ll probably be fine. (Don’t try this at home….)



  • Whether it’s a tech tool caddy, a cargo tote, or a backpack, all the VETO bags have multiple rows of vertically tiered tool pockets attached to the patented, integrated, molded, stand-up center panel. VETO bags also feature a stainless steel tape clip. It’s easy to see all your gear at a glance and it’ll be pretty obvious when a screwdriver or your favorite pliers are missing.


  • The D-Bag comes with an integral, fully removable tool roll (also made of 900D TPU coated nylon) with loads of semi-transparent pockets (so you can see all your hand tools inside). It also features a zippered compartment to keep all your gear exactly where it should be.
  • Inside the D-Bag, you’ll find a removable duffel bag (also made from 900D TPU coated nylon with a thermoformed EVA foam base) that you can use as an extra tool pouch. When you wanna store it away, you can rely on the heavy-duty ring snaps securing it in place.



  • The TPV rubber grip handle is ergonomically designed for stiff, sore hands. It’s comfortable, strong, and optimal for carrying with one hand. The backpack-style straps are well-padded and comfortable while the thermo-formed EVA padded back panel reduces the strain and pain from carrying heavy loads.


  • Well, folks, we’ve reached that point in our lives—it’s time to talk proper backpack ergonomics. While that might not sound badass, protecting yourself is, no matter what the haters say. 

DECKED knows this, and that’s why we built it into our D-Bag. The strong aluminum handle attaches to a generously padded strap system. Straps can be quickly and easily adjusted for different carrying options: tighten the straps and carry it like a briefcase, sling it over one shoulder with a padded shoulder strap, hold it out flat like a pizza box, or get yourself up that rickety ladder safely by wearing it as a comfortable backpack tool bag.

Weather Resistance


  • VETO bags have an injection molded waterproof base made of 3 mm polypropylene. Combined with the high denier nylon, you can bet your tools are going to stay dry, as long as you’ve got a closing top on your bag. Except for the zippers… those aren’t waterproof and water could seep through, so Veto recommends covering your tool bag in heavy rain.


  • The 900D nylon-coated thermoformed EVA foam structure of the bag is weather resistant and the double-taped, oversized, glove-friendly zipper pulls passed the torture test, which basically includes holding it up against a lot of water.



  • VETO PRO PAC bags are available in a huge range of sizes suitable for carrying various tools specific to your trade, including a Tech series. From small caddies to XXL contractor series bags, job-specific bags vary in size according to the tools you’ll need to take with you. Just for comparison, the VETO PRO PAC XL comes in at:
    • Outer dimensions: 9.35” x 13.5” x 19”
    • Volume: Whatever the equivalent is to 67 pockets.


  • The D-Bag is made to fit snugly into the DECKED Drawer System but is just as useful on its own. Here’s what you need to know:
    • Outer dimensions: 19″ x 16″ x 9″
    • Volume: 42 liter/2500 cubic inches



  • Because there’s a range of bags, there’s also a range of prices. You can expect to pay up to $400 for a VETO PRO PAC. These bags can be a good value simply because they’re designed for each specific job.

That does leave the bag pretty much a one-purpose piece of equipment though. It’s a high price tag for a bag you can only use for work, even one with a 5-year warranty. VETO PRO PAC Tech bags and other popular items aren’t always in stock either, making their availability much more limited.


  • The D-Bag (including the tool roll and the duffel bag) has a 3-year warranty and comes in at $174. Made to last, the D-Bag is versatile, heavy-duty, and you won’t need to replace it… even if a bear gets it.

Make Your Life Easier with DECKED

When it comes to a tool bag, pretty much anything will do. But if you’re looking for something to not only just get the job done, but make your life easier, consider the DECKED D-Bag.

The D-Bag combines rugged construction with ultimate tool storage solutions for your gear.

Suffice to say, this is the only D-Bag that you’ll ever love.

With DECKED, your next tool bag doesn’t just have to remain on the wishlist until it’s in stock. Get yours now.

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