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We’ve partnered with MeatEater this year, working with guys like Mark Kenyon and Steve Rinella who just bought a 64 acre plot in Michigan not far from our DECKED Ohio factory. They are rehabbing the property into a dream hunting farm and when it’s all said and done, they’re GIVIN’ THE WHOLE DAMN THING AWAY.

You heard that, the whole farm. Check it out now! 

Click Here to Enter: MEATEATER WIN A HUNT

Built around a 64 acre piece of property we purchased in Michigan, The Back 40 chronicles the MeatEater team’s approach to turning a farm into a haven for local wildlife. With conservation always in mind, they showcase the steps needed to improve the layout, flora, fauna, and equipment on the property to ultimately turn it into a whitetail hunter’s dream! 

As part of this promotion for the series launch, MeatEater will be giving away a hunt on the property with Steve Rinella and Mark Kenyon. Not only will the winner get to spend time learning from and hunting with Steve and Mark, they’ll get geared up and get to know the Back 40 property and the approaches we used to improve it!

Decked TailgateClick Here to Enter: MEATEATER WIN A HUNT

Check out DECKED for Hunting: DECKED FOR HUNTING 

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