Reviewing the Top Bricklaying and Masonry Tool Bags


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If you’re laying brick, we’re laying down the law—you need a heavy-duty tool bag. It’s that simple. You need a bag with plenty of tool storage to carry all the masonry tools you got. Right down to the last groover, jointer, and chisel.

A good tool bag will hold all your hand tools and still have room for kneepads and anything else you need to take to the jobsite. And it’ll be tough as nails, easy to open, and weatherproof. 

To help you find the tool bag that’s right for you, we looked at a number of bricklaying and masonry tool bags. We compare all the major tenets, including storage pockets, material, organization, overall value, and more. 

You expect certain things from a masonry tool bag. A really great bag will tick all the right boxes and make your workday easier. That’s the point, right? Get tough, hard-working gear so you have fewer hassles to deal with and make it home in time for dinner.

Here’s what else to look out for when looking for a masonry tool bag:

  • Exterior pockets: Pockets should be both easy to access and secure, holding tools in place during transit or over rough terrain at a jobsite (or even up a ladder). What’s the point in keeping tools in an exterior pocket if they fall out?
  • Material: A tool bag has to be strong enough to hold heavy tools without weighing a ton itself. Mostly made from heavy-duty canvas, nylon, or polyester, a bricklayer’s tool bag has to withstand a certain amount (i.e., a metric sh*t ton) of abuse and sometimes harsh weather conditions. 
  • Bag base: Does it have an added base layer? Or is it a flimsy fabric that’ll burst at the seams? The bottom of the bag has a lot to deal with. It’s gotta be strong enough to hold all your gear without splitting or breaking. Ideally, the base of the tool bag needs to keep the entire shape of the bag intact.
  • Organization: As well as the exterior pockets, internal tool organization is an important feature of a great tool bag. A great bag will offer zippered compartments and pockets that group similar tools together for easy access and allow you to see at a glance if something is missing. You want to be able to find your pliers or trowel in seconds, not rooting around in an unorganized mess. 
  • Overall value: As with most things, you get what you pay for. So if your budget is tight, you want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your dollars. That might mean spending a little more to make sure you get a bag that’s going to last a long time. It comes down to how often you want or intend to replace the bag.

So now you know what to look for, but let’s see if these bags meet the mark. Here’s a quick comparison of the tool bags we’re reviewing:

Top Masonry Tool BagsMaterialOrganization/
Average CostOur Rating
DECKED D-Bag900 Denier TPU coated ballistic nylon with a thermoformed EVA foam baseRemovable tool roll and duffel bag$174★★★★★
Klein Tools Deluxe Tool Bag, 18-Inch Canvas  Steel frame mouth, heavy-duty #8 black canvas with a moisture-resistant vinyl bottom 13 internal pockets$100★★★★
Kraft Deluxe Leather Bottom Tool BagSteel hinge frame, heavy-duty #10 canvas sides with a leather-reinforced base1 large internal pocket; no other organization features$146★★★
CLC Custom Leathercraft Reinforced Mason’s Tool BagHinged steel frame, leather straps and handles, made of canvas and a suede leather bottom1 large internal pocket; no other organization features$90★★★




The DECKED D-Bag (get your heads outta the gutter; it’s short for Drawer-Bag) is virtually indestructible and weatherproof. It’s made of 900 Denier TPU coated ballistic nylon with a thermoformed EVA foam base. In layman’s terms? It’s tough as hell. It’s a tool bag that contains an equally rugged and weatherproof duffel bag and an integral, removable tool roll inside.

It’s got well-padded straps that can be adjusted for multiple comfortable carrying options. Ergonomic, comfortable, and featuring glove-friendly zippers, the DECKED D-Bag makes getting to your gear quick and easy.


  • Weatherproof
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Multiple ergonomic carry options
  • Removable tool roll and duffel bag that comes as standard
  • Zipper closures for easy access


  • Can’t personalize or customize (yet)

The Bottom Line

The D-Bag will last a long time. It’s made to take all the abuse you can throw its way and offers great value and durability for anyone needing to transport and protect their tools. Also, it’s not white. Why would anyone even make a white cloth bag for a working man? We don’t know either. Unless you’re a mason who doesn’t plan on getting grout on your hands… you can buy it here: DECKED D-bag.

Klein Tools Deluxe Tool Bag, 18-Inch Canvas

Klein Tools Deluxe Tool Bag, 18-Inch Canvas

The Klein Tools Deluxe Tool Bag is made with a classic #8 black canvas and features a moisture-resistant vinyl bottom with non-scratch studs on the base. 13 internal pockets provide small tool storage, but the buckle closures make the bag a bit hard to open, especially with gloves on. The stitched and riveted leather handles and well-padded shoulder strap are comfortable and strong. 


  • Adjustable, detachable, padded shoulder strap
  • Non-scratch studs on the base
  • 13 internal pockets


  • Buckle closures
  • No exterior pockets

The Bottom Line

Priced at around $100, it’s a good choice for the tight budget. However, the material is thinner than some of the other bags on this list and might not offer the same level of weather resistance. On the flip side, it’s got 13 internal pockets for all your bits and pieces.

Kraft Deluxe Leather Bottom Tool Bag

Kraft Deluxe Leather Bottom Tool Bag

The Kraft Deluxe Leather Bottom Tool Bag has a 12-gauge steel hinged frame and heavy-duty #10 white canvas sides with a leather base reinforcement and a waterproof baseboard. The buckle closures can be difficult to manipulate, so you’ll need to remove your gloves to open them. There’s only one inside pocket and no outside pockets, so there aren’t a ton of options for tool organization. You’ll probably need to buy separate tool pouches and organizers. 


  • Waterproof baseboard
  • Soft leather handles
  • Wide top opening


  • Buckle closures
  • No shoulder straps or backpack option


The Bottom Line

It’s a good-looking bag with just one large internal pocket. It’s a little pricey for a basic canvas bag, and a white bag…is a white bag. It won’t look nice for long. 

CLC Custom Leathercraft Reinforced Mason’s Tool Bag

CLC Custom Leathercraft Reinforced Mason’s Tool Bag

Made of heavy-duty cotton canvas, the CLC Reinforced Mason’s Tool Bag features leather handles and straps, a reinforced suede leather bottom, and a heavy gauge hinged steel frame. There’s only one large canvas interior pocket so you’ll need to figure out tool organization on your own. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for the normal life of the product.


  • Heavy gauge hinged steel frame 
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Buckle closures
  • No shoulder strap or other carrying options
  • P65 Warning

The Bottom Line

It definitely gets the job done. You might need to take extra steps to keep it clean and organize your tools, but it’s certainly usable and gets its popularity from that affordable price tag. However, it comes with a P65 Warning, which just might not be worth it anyway.

The Perfect Tool Bag for Every Job

Whether you’re a professional bricklayer, mason, plumber, or another tradesman, you need a tool organizer that’s going to secure all your gear, keep everything organized, and stand up against Mother Nature.


Pockets and integral tool organization make finding your tools much easier than sorting through a jumbled pile in the bottom of a large bag. Well-padded carrying options are just icing on the cake. 


The practically indestructible DECKED D-Bag ticks all the right boxes, making it one of the best value tool bags around, especially when used with the DECKED Drawer System.


Trust us. It’ll be the only D-Bag you ever like.

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